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When it comes to your health information, you need all your data under control, as well as that of the ones you love. Our platform gives you greater control over your health records and healthcare in a well organised, easy-to-use way. You can create health profiles for you and your dependants, and add your records and detailed information on all your health visits. We help you to maintain your information in one secure place, giving you easy access as and when you need it. You have the freedom to share information with trusted third parties, allowing for you and your family to get the best possible support, advice and care.

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All in one place

Your Profile

Patient-driven and keeps you in control. Add and update your medical information and history for you or your doctor to view.

Your Records

Update your medical records on a day-to-day basis, and keep track of your health information. Easily save, store, search and share.

Your dependants' Profiles

We know that keeping track of your dependants’ health is just as important to you, and you can do this on one account.

Your dependants' Records

Has the same great functionality that you get with your records, but also receive reminders of upcoming vaccinations for children.

What We Offer

Profile & Records

Complete your profile with all key medical information and keep records of your visits to health professionals along with all related details and documents.

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Dependants Section

Medical profile and record history and data for your loved ones. Includes a section to remind you whenever a vaccination is near.

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Guest Access

Generate a secret code to give your doctors access to review your information and record history to help them make a better diagnosis.

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Desi M

Mum is in her 60s, never remembers what the Dr says. This solves that!


Haven’t fully used all the features but it’s going to be great for the family.


Why didn’t someone think of this before?? So helpful and easy.


Wonderful to have this on all my devices, truly handy.