What is MedInfoFiles™?

MedInfoFiles™ is a secure online health platform that empowers you to take control of your health and records, from building your health profile to sharing your information with your healthcare providers and other trusted parties.

It is a simple way to manage your health, stay in control of your records and to get your health information working for you.

It aids healthcare providers to offer you the best and most appropriate treatment, improving chances of better outcomes in consultations and emergencies.

It allows you to conveniently connect and share your health records putting you in control like never before.

It gives you greater control over your health records and healthcare.


How MedInfoFiles™ works

MedInfoFiles™ gives a clearer picture of your state of health, allowing for prompt access, and more accurate and timely sharing of information that affects your health provision.

You are able to create health profiles for you and your dependants online, as well as being able to add detailed information on all health visits and records, ensuring that these are all held securely in one place. At your discretion, you are able to share this information with trusted third parties, whenever you need to, allowing for you and your family to get the best possible support, advice and care.

Build your health profile online and add medical records and related attachments.
Share and discuss your health matters with trusted third parties.

MedInfoFiles™ enables you to collate your health records including symptoms, doctors, tests, diagnosis and prescriptions, in one secure place.
Add your key personal details and list any medical conditions, medications, allergies and vaccinations, together with your next of kin and other profile details.
Store your scans, x-rays and other important medical reports and test results in your MedInfoFiles™ account for future reference.
The information that you add to your MedInfoFiles™ Health Profile and Records is available to you 24 hours a day 365 days a year at in your own secure online account, for as long as you are a member.


Why do I need a MedInfoFiles™ acccount?

It enables you to take control of your health by having all your health information available at the touch of a button, wherever you are in the world.

It Allows you to update and share your health records instantly and securely.

It Puts you in control of your health information that you can use.

It Ensures your health providers have the information they need to provide the best possible care for you.

You choose who has access to your information.

Your information is secured according to the highest international standards.


Get more from consultations with your doctor

You can share your records with health professionals, potentially saving doctors a significant amount of time during the consultation which would normally be spent trying to understand the problem, as well as prevent unnecessary appointments, and could allow for more accurate diagnosis.


A secure solution

Privacy and security is at the heart of the MedInfoFiles™ products, which is why we take every precaution to secure and protect the personal and health information of each patient.

Security concerns are addressed on every level from application infrastructure and authentication to data encryption. Your information is not shared with anyone without your consent.

MedInfoFiles™ is Protection of Personal Information (POPI) compliant.


MedInfoFiles™ for doctors

Constantly enabling improved outcomes through enhanced patient engagement.

Saves a significant amount of time during the consultation which would normally be spent trying to understand the problem.

Prevents unnecessary appointments.

Could allow for more accurate diagnosis.

Allows you to get a rapid overview of your patient’s history- including medical reports, records, messages, x-rays, scans etc.

It increases the time you have to focus on an individual patient’s needs or to see more patients in the consulting time available.

MedInfoFiles™ encourages your clients to take ownership of their health.


Additional benefits

There is no software to buy, no new equipment needed, all you need is a web browser.
You can access your secure account online 24/7, wherever you are in the world